Sustainable Tourism

Synergia promotes tourism development within the highest international environmental standards and with respect for local communities and their traditions.

Human Resources Development & Education

Our aim is to contribute to building new, and strengthening already existing learning systems in view of human development and creation of new employment opportunities.

Environment & Natural Resources Management

Synergia promotes opportunities coming from sustainable use of natural resources, while safeguarding against the risks on livelihoods from environmental degradation and climate change.

Agriculture & Rural Development

Our projects aim at raising agricultural productivity, reducing vulnerability, improving non-farm rural employment, increasing income while making agriculture more environmentally sustainable.

Economic development
& trade promotion

We apply local and international expertise to promote human development, employment, an enabling investment climate, local capacity for entrepreneurship development, sustainable and inclusive growth.


Action learning programmes now available

Leadership Programme in Changing Environment
Effective Problem Solving Programme
High Performing Team Programme