ADB / Landell Mills

Project title:

A rapid Demand Survey for Private Sector Investment under the Climate Friendly Agribusiness Value Chains Project




09 – 12 2017


The objective of the rapid demand survey is to verify if farmers, farmer groups and firms are already accessing credit from the banks for post-harvest facilities and primary and value-added processing, then there is no justification for providing subsidized loans;

To examine if there is already sufficient storage and primary and value-added

processing capacity for rice, beans, pulses, and oilseeds (seeds and grain) in the CDZ then there will be no demand for credit (or such investment would be risky due to over-capacity);

To verify if there is any substantial demand for higher-value rice, beans, pulses, and oilseeds from either internal or external markets (either at present or in the future)

ADB / Landell Mills