The increased volume and scope of international investment and assistance entering the country is disproportional to the existing capacity of the local labour market. According to our market analysis, search for competent and confident candidates to undertake assignments offered by the international companies and organizations proves to be challenging.

Competent personnel is crucial for conducting successful business and project management. That is why training the Myanmar workforce is essential to meet the expanding market needs. We strongly believe that the existing potential simply needs to be developed. Our trainings develop and upgrade skills and knowledge of Myanmar employees, creating competent and pro-active staff that contributes to smooth operations of your organisation in Myanmar.

Our training programmes are designed to meet the demands of today’s fast-changing labour market in Myanmar. Synergia’s trainers deliver high-class content to build your staff technical acumen, as well as unlock their personal potential. Out programmes include:

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17 September 2020

"Action Learning helped me to understand what my team thinks about and hear potential solutions."

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Action Learning


Action learning is a powerful, yet a simple process, that involves a small group of 5–8 persons working collectively on a real business problem, taking decisions and actions, and learning as individuals, as a team and as an organisation. It is an educational process by which a person studies his or her own actions and experience to improve performance.





  1. Creative and breakthrough solutions
  2. Increased empowerment and engagement 
  3. Peer coaching and giving feedback
  4. Conflict mitigation and improved communication
  5. Enhanced performance and efficiency of your business


Team Psychological Safety

Team Psychological Safety – Research confirms that when people feel safe within a team they will perform better; they willingly take risks, actively contribute and work hard knowing that they can depend on the others in the team to support them and put in as much effort. In a business context this is called ‘team psychological safety’ (TPS) and it is the key to high-performance teams. TPS is based on seven elements:

(1) Appreciation

(2) Mutual support

(3) Reaction to mistakes

(4) Dealing with issues

(5) Accepting diversity

(6) Taking risks

(7) Asking for help.

Cynefin Framework

Our Programmes

Leadership in Changing Environment

How to become a leader that can adopt and lead the team through the turbulent times?


Through Leadership Programme the managers will:

  1. Develop critical, systematic and innovative thinking towards high-performance mindset
  2. Develop self-confidence and readiness to take responsibility and initiative
  3. Be able to solve real business challenges effectively
  4. Build confidence in making decisions
  5. Learn how to lead the teams through motivation and engagement
  6. Increase awareness and enable individuals to identify personal development challenges
  7. Create the environment for organisational learning, innovation and continuous adaption

*Recommended number of sessions: 6-8 (2-3 hours). One session weekly.


High Performing Team Programme

How to develop highly collaborative and innovative teams in the process of change?


Through the High Performing Team Programme, team members will:

  1. Relate to, communicate more effectively and build trust among each other
  2. Work in disciplined ways of a powerful team, with structured peer support
  3. Elevate norms, collaboration, and creativity
  4. Develop enabling environment and shared understanding for risk taking
  5. Mitigate existing or potential conflicts and improving decision making process
  6. Creating solutions to difficulties in internal and external communication, ‘from conflict to collaboration’

*Recommended number of sessions: 6-8 (2-3 hours). One session weekly.

Effective Problem Solving Programme

Leading the process of change in times of uncertainty


Through the Problem Solving Programme, the participants will:

  1. Develop systems thinking, creativity, flexibility, and problem-solving skills (through supportive but challenging questioning and reflection)
  2. Gain deeper understanding of the challenges, a reflective reassessment of the problem, and an exploration of ways forward, realised in breakthrough solutions
  3. Generate a new way of problem solving and action taking in the business environment, e.g.
  1. Reduced motivation due to salary cuts, stress related to the ongoing laying-off
  2. Creating new strategies, for restructuring, sales and marketing, people’s management
  3. Solving individual, teams’ and organizations’ problems due to an unexpected change

*Recommended number of sessions: 6 (2-3 hours). One session weekly or 2day programme. 

Negotiation Skills

Negotiations skills:



  • Persuasion: 
  • Learning how to define your proposed solution
  • Defining the position and expectations vs partners’ goals
  • Gathering useful information ahead of time, so you will be less likely to confront something unexpected during your negotiation


  • Planning and strategizing
  • Understanding how the consequences will impact everyone in the long-term and drawing best solution out of it
  • Entering a discussion with at least one backup plan
  • Consider all possible outcomes, and being prepared for each of these scenarios
  • Priorities vs compromise – Define your BATNA



Learning process at three levels:


  • personal development
  • peer-to-peer learning – from others’ experiences and perspectives, as well as through providing and receiving constructive feedback
  • team level

Marketing and Sales

  1. Provides insights on retail and corporate sales
  2. Develops skills on how to succeed in sales including communication (questions and active listening), time management and interpersonal skills for building trustful relations with existing and prospective clients
  3. Develops skill on how to acquire product knowledge and its advantages over competition
  4. Provides techniques on non-verbal communication and the use of body language
  5. Provides techniques on how to build sales strategy through, prospecting, researching, connecting, closing, delivering and following up

IT Skills for Businesses

  1. Learn technical and comprehensive IT business skills which will serve as a foundation for a prosperous company and ensure successful execution of projects
  2. Develops or advances competence in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  3. Provides insightful techniques for conducting research on the internet, through critical thinking
  4. Enhances communication through social media through navigating social media platforms to improve your organisation’s presence and visibility on the market

Customise Your Own Training Programme

  1. Synergia offers tailoring any of the above programmes to best address your organisation’s needs
  2. Conducts assessments to identify gaps in your organisation’s capacity and personnel competence
  3. Provides analysis of your organisation’s processes and assigned roles in your company
  4. Suggests a structure that will ensure the best performance
  5. Helps to creating job descriptions: defining roles with key activities related to responsibility, accountability and authority


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Organisation Planning & Development

We provide support to your organisation’s planning and development by analysing your teams and processes based on their roles in the organisation.

We help to identify common threads—both beneficial and harmful—running through your organisation. We locate emerging problems and develop innovative solutions to better structure your organisation, leading to better results. This helps us better define job description and competence.