Responsible Business Fund / Danida

Project title:

“Training Consultants, Experts, and Technicians on the ‘Preparation of Feasibility Studies and Bankable Proposals’ to Facilitate SMEs’ Investments in Responsible Business Practices”




06 2018 – 01 2020


The development of the one-day training curriculum that will target consultants, experts, and technicians that are involved in facilitating SMEs’ investments in responsible business practices and will aim to enable the trainees to share practical knowledge in successfully running a business; in this case on the preparation of feasibility studies and bankable proposals. Developing and building financial literacy is a crucial skill to overcome constrains many SMEs in Myanmar face, and will enable them to boost their competitiveness and productivity. This training curriculum aspires to improve SMEs access to finance by addressing the information asymmetry that arises from SMEs’ lack of accounting records, inadequate financial statements or business plans, as these make it difficult for creditors and investors to assess the creditworthiness of potential SME proposals.

Responsible Business Fund / Danida