Project title:

‘Assessment of Government Training Institutions (GTI) and Government Technical High Schools (GTHS) in Rakhine State, Myanmar’




02 – 04 2018


The assessment will provide:
a review on GTI and GTHS vision, mission, organization, management, training delivery, trainers/instructors and assessors’ qualifications, financial support and mechanisms, administrative staff, existing training packages (programs and materials), accessibility and inclusion (for all communities, women and disadvantaged groups), equipment and building, others;
identify institutional constraints, assess mechanisms in place for them to set policy, make planning decisions, finance and coordinate implementation of their services;
assess their needs in terms of training and/or equipment
identify entry points for collaboration or dialogue between the GTI and GTHS on one hand and the localities and private sector towards an inclusive and demand-driven TVET system, based on a joint understanding of capacity and capacity constraints; and
provide, based on the above findings a summary of the institutional and operational gaps and constraints of the GTI and GTHS