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Project title:

Informal Financial Services Assessment




August 2019 – January 2020


The main objective of the study is to collect and analyse empirical data on the demand and supply dynamics of informal financial services in Myanmar. The assessment:

  • Determined what explains (continued) use of informal financial services in Myanmar. What explicit criteria are considered when choosing for a financial service (per product category),
  • Determined perceptions of benefits and strengths of informal financial services, as well as perceptions of barriers to formal financial services;
  • Understood financial needs of specific segments and analyse if there are patterns in demand for specific categories of financial services;
  • Investigated supply of informal financial services by determining details on modalities, channels used to reach clients, and determining what ‘extra services’ are provided;
  • Identified gaps where formal financial services are currently not serving financial needs;
  • Identified opportunities and next steps to increase financial access and usage of formal financial services, and to deliver policy-oriented recommendations to the GoM

The scope of the study comprises a representative sample of both urban and rural communities, spanning a range of leading livelihood sources across the country, business sectors and economic circumstances, dynamics and opportunities, including: agriculture, aquaculture, coastal fisheries, small retail and garment.

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