DaNa Facility / De Heus

Project title:

Myanmar PIGS – Promoting Inclusive Growth through Swine




07 2018 – 07 2020


Myanmar Promoting Inclusive Growth through Swine (PIGS) targets 10,000 of smallholder farmers all over Myanmar, aiming to help them establish and grow their small pig farms, giving them 1) helping them to access and raise high quality piglets, through 2) best practice training in pig-rearing and healthcare, and 3) grouping and linking them to the market and 4) facilitating Access to Credit and 5) Advocating for an enabling policy environment needed for smallholder growth in Myanmar. This will enable them to be included in the economy and to increase the incomes of over 10,000 farmers and their families, as well as providing employment for returnees and preventing urbanisation, lifting them out of poverty. This will have a huge impact on the 10,000 farmers reached, their families and their ivelihoods, reaching 50,000+ people over Myanmar.
Synergia will conduct all Monitoring and Evaluation of the project, including baseline, midterm and final evaluation. The indicators are twofold, measured by the impact on farmers’ and by De Heus business model.

DaNa Facility / De Heus