Asian Development Bank

Project title:

Provision of expertise for the: ‘Climate friendly Agribusiness Value Chains Sector Project’


Myanmar, Cambodia, Lao PDR


07 2016 – 08 2017


The aim of the ‘Project Preparatory Technical Assistance’ (PPTA) for the ‘Climate Friendly Agribusiness Value Chain Sector Project” that took place in Myanmar, Cambodia and Lao PDR was to conduct the due diligence and prepare the project documents for approval of loan/grant funding and financing.

The three main areas of the project were: the improvement of critical agribusiness value chain infrastructure, the expansion of bio-energy use and sustainable biomass management and the strengthening of the agribusiness policy and capacity support services.

In this framework, the PPTA conducted a detailed assessment of policy related, regulatory, institutional, technical, financial and other barriers for improving the competitiveness of selected agribusiness value chains and identify measures to overcome such barriers including incentives to promote public-private partnerships.

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