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Project title:

Scoping study for a Dutch-led consortium for future Large-Scale Dairy Sector Development programme




01 – 06 2019


We envision to partner up with national and international partners to showcase and test the opportunities to improve Myanmar’s dairy value chain in small demonstration settings, in order to subsequently scale up our successes to larger settings. By entering and opening up a new market, we will pursue to make the development of Myanmar’s domestic dairy sector economically viable and interesting for international companies in the long run, as to realise our bigger ambitions to:

Increase the domestic production of dairy
Raise the quality standards of the dairy production and of dairy products
Improve the competitiveness of the dairy value chain
Improve the access to dairy products of the Burmese consumer, and thereby the national health

In order to make well-informed decisions to realise the above, market research is essential to gain a full understanding of the current conditions of Myanmar’s dairy sector. The desired outcomes of the study would be a market that shows strong growth potential and feasible opportunities to upgrade and expand operations. However, it is just as important to become aware of the challenges and pitfalls. On basis of the study’s findings, we hope to establish strong grounds to attract more parties to get involved in the intended demonstration projects, and to acquire more funding, as far as needed, to advance the projects in the long run.

Netherlands Embassy