Department of Fisheries / Danida

Project title:

Food safety, hygiene, and quality; application of ice, preservation, and cooling technology under the Support to Sustainable Coastal Fisheries (SCF) in Myanmar




06 2018


Under the Sustainable Coastal Management program implemented by DOF in 8 pilot communities in Tanintharyi Region and Rakhine State, aiming at co-management and improving livelihoods dependent on natural coastal and marine fish resources, Synergia supports AETS in the following services:
Build capacity in the communities, including fishers and local processers, as well as DOF inspectors in Food Safety and Hygiene, post-harvest technologies and fisheries conservation. The project also aims to improve post-harvest handling and raise awareness on general hygiene. The partners provide three levels of trainings and a technical assessment including a proposal to upgrading the technical facilities and institutional arrangements.

Department of Fisheries / Danida