International Labour Organization (ILO)

Project title:

‘Development of a Baseline Tool’ for the Responsible Business Project: Industry Development Component’




06 2015


This project has been designed to address three components that may promote the development, engagement and investment of the private sector in Myanmar through responsible investment and business practices in order to ultimately lead to sustainable and inclusive growth.

The Responsible Industry Development was designed to address growth and employment, both job creation and job quality improvement in the private sector through the promotion of responsible business practices. The project looked at human, labour and environmental standards addressing value chain development challenges. These include:

  • The absence of a comprehensive policy and strategy for development of the garment and fishery sectors;

  • Little understanding of binding constraints for employment and business growth

  • An absence of business service providers as well as financial services in both sectors.

The assignment objective was to support the ILO Responsible Business (R&B) M&E Officer in the development of a project baseline tool, support in the analysis of data collected from the baseline and provide any analysis and editorial support of the final report. The assignment aimed at the development of a baseline assessment tool for the project activities which has then been used for the assessment in several factories.

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