ADRA (Project funded by NORAD)

Project title:

Baseline study and support the development of the M&E framework of the NORAD funded education programme ‘Strengthening Equity, Access and Quality in Education’ (SEAQE) Myanmar




13 2014 – 06 2015


The objective of the consultancy was to design a baseline research and formulate clear recommendations on the monitoring and evaluation strategy of the ADRA education programme funded by the NORAD. The Development Goal of this programme is: Increased education opportunities for poor and marginalised children in Myanmar to contribute to thriving, peaceful societies. The outcome is that by 2018, target areas within Myanmar have improved access, quality and equity in basic education.

The purpose of SEAQE programme baseline survey was to collect information on outcome and output indicators to provide benchmarks for setting targets and refining programme objectives, to understand and monitor the progress and results of their education interventions in the region, including:

  • Design and conduct the baseline survey, including methodology and tools to establish benchmarks and identify current status for common SEAQE programme outcome and output indicators.

  • Provide capacity building materials for local partners and enumerators

  • Examine relevance and suitability of programme design, indicators, risks and assumptions for SEAQE.

  • Develop specific, actionable and practical recommendations to guide refining of M and E framework and setting of targets.

  • Collect data on and assess barriers to education in Myanmar with specific emphasis on South East Myanmar.

ADRA (Project funded by NORAD)