International Labour Organization

Project title:

‘Analysis of the Input Supply Chain to the Garment Industry in Myanmar’




11 2014 - 06 2015


The objective of this consultancy was to identify key input suppliers and related service providers that work in the garment industry and provide ILO with a recommendation on service and training needs that would contribute to addressing underlying bottlenecks and productivity issues within the supply chain contributing to decent work jobs in the sector.

This project aims to promote decent work by reinforcing capacities of the Government and social partners by supporting them in creating the conditions to define a Garment Sector industry development strategy respectful of labour standards that addresses social and labour issues allowing the sound and inclusive development of the sector. The need for further research to be undertaken within the vertical structures of the garment sector value chain, particularly input garment sector suppliers, has been identified in additional ILO garment focused projects. The objective of this assignment that falls under the Responsible Business Project was to conduct a value chain assessment of the supply chain and supporting services to the Myanmar garment industry, with the objective of identifying some of the underlying constraints to the industry’s growth and the creation of more decent jobs.


International Labour Organization